11 Rue Bellevue 
L-8215 MAMER
Grand Duché 
de Luxembourg
Tél:  +352 26 31 03 67
Fax: +352 26 31 03 66
E-mail: cgrh@pt.lu

About us

C.G.R.H. was founded in 1994, in Luxembourg by Catherine Gérardin,  a professional human resources manager. Catherine has more than 15 years experience as a consultant in the industrial and services sectors and in hospital. Before becoming a consultant she had sound practical experience as Director of Human Resources in a number of industrial groups. She was involved in many development projects in South Africa, Rumania, Hungary, Chile and Argentina and in projects related to the management of enterprises in Latin America.

C.G.R.H. is an independent company  offering services in two main areas :

  • Ethics in the organisations and its implementation

  • Human resources management

CGRH consultants and partners have international experience of working in a key executive position

C.G.R.H. main fields of operation are :

  • Manufacturing industry

  • Financial institutions

  • Service companies

  • Hospitals

  • Air transport companies

We work for international groups as well as for small companies

Extensive experience and skills, flexibility, proximity, major involvement and responsibility are our main strengths.
Our approach aims at building a long term relationship with each client. In providing our services, we can therefore draw on a thorough knowledge of the clients individual characteristics.